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It comes with a cost of 800 coins and a rating of 82. Genoa's Salvatore Sirigu is a fantastic alternative for those who have not yet ready to participate in their first competitive game of [url=https://www.mmoexp.com/Fc-24/Coins.html]EAFC 24 Coins[/url] and don't have a lot of coins to spend on expensive players. With a diving rating of 82 and a positioning score of 84. Sirigu is an excellent substitute for divers who are looking to accumulate an Цензура of money.

Juan Cuadrado is a Serie A and Juventus veteran. At 33. his right back is aging as a Цензура. A speed rating of 90 and 87-Цензура top in Цензура point. This is a must-have for FIFA players looking to build quick-Цензура-attacking teams.

In addition to being a good alternative for a budget, Manuel Lazzari also happens to be the fastest Serie A right back available in FC 24. Cuadrado is second in speed in the league, and Atalanta Right back Joakim Mahle (89 rate) 3rd on this list. The young Dane usually costs about 700 coins however, considering that Lazzari is available for a Цензура more, it's not an enticing price. If you have teams that have chemistry Napoli's Giovanni Di Lorenzo (84 pace) is a decent option however, particularly at 85 coins.

Despite the numerous offers from the top European clubs Kalidou KЦензура appears to have found Napoli the home of his dreams. As a player in Southern Italy, he's developed into one of the top Цензура current game. With a defending rating of 87 and a physicality score of 85. He's the main player in any insurmountable Serie A defense. The nearly identical statistics are a testimony to the fact that they'Цензура. If you have 20.000 coins to spend on an asymmetrical Цензура will be uЦензура find a better choice than the Slovak and Senegalese duo.

Manolas is a player in the same team as KЦензура in Napoli however, despite his 85-rated defensive Цензура of 81. Manolas' Greek defensive player's OVR rating is significantly reduced due to his shooting score of 25 and a passing rating of 44. For a pure defensive option the player is plenty to be considered, particularly at a cost that is 1.100 coins. When Цензура with Francesco Acerbi whose defensive stats extend into the 80s, they'll make an impressive, though somewhat static duo at just 2.000 coins.

The Milan-based Fikayo Tomori (82 rate) has the highest Цензура A Цензура FC 24 and can typically be acquired for just small amount over 1.000 coins. There's three of them for second spot it's Kalidou KЦензура, Kostas Manolas along with Roma's Ibanez all sporting the 81-Цензура. Anyone Цензура budget should consider pairing the former with Tomori due to his $800 price cost, while those looking for more chemistry might want to cЦензураi center backs which will cost Цензура 16.000 coins.

Chris Smalling and Gianluca Mancini the AS Roma's defensive duo have consistently Цензура performances during the 2021/22 season, which is Serie A, and were in large part responsible for AS Roma's UEFA Europa Conference League win this season. For defensively-minded players seeking an elite pair must take a look at Jose Mourinho's top CBs. They are available on the market for 3.000 coins for Цензура however, that cost will likely to rise during FC 24.

It is said that the French right-sided defender Theo Hernandez is one of the most expeЦензура Serie A, and for the right reason. His 93-rating for pace and 82-rated physicality indicate that he's as efficient in his forward play as he is in making sure that wingers from the opposition aren't given a chance to score. It's priced at 10.500 coins, though, Hernandez's contract, unfortunately, is more expensive than the budgets of a lot of young FUT athletes.

Alex Sandro Цензура most important players at Juventus And even though he's held highly by Juventus, the team has been pushed in the Цензура of the Old Lady due to an increasing number of young defensive talents. It's a good budget option for FUT players however the Цензура at 81 and other vital stats just below the 80-point mark. With 1.000 coins, he should be a good choice for players looking to save on defense.Alongside being the most versatile left-back as well as being Цензура Цензура Serie A, Theo Hernandez is also the fastest. With 93 mph He is just a hair faster than Leonardo Spinazzola (92 pace) however the Roma man is a lot less expensive at 2.500 coins. Despite the low cost the overall rating of his is just one less and he has an edge in defense over Hernandez also. For those who are a part of Napoli players in other defensive positions might want to take a look at Mario Rui, though he's slightly slower (80 speed) however he's a lot cheaper with just 600 coins.

The cost in the region of 1.900 coins for the best right-winger in the league isn't a typical practice in FIFA. This is what Цензура Chiesa, though. Chiesa is rated 83. Juventus player is an absolute should-buy for those who value the speed (91) and the dribbling (85) abilities above everything other things. With 81-rated shooting skills, Chiesa can be utilized not only as a formidable forward to Цензура last third, but also as a goal scoring machine when Цензура players.

Цензура midfielder Sergej Miklinkovic-Savic is a terrifying presence on the pitch with an 86-rated physicality. He's also a superb pass (80) as well as a dribbler (81) that is most effective as an oblique center midfielder. Milinkovic-Savic's shortcomings in other areas Цензураly complemented with Nicolo Barella's 86-rated Цензура of 79. Together, they're a formidable midfield team that is also very inexpensive at just 10.000 coins.

Napoli's Piotr Zielinski is the epitome of an under-valued player. A score of 81 overall might not seem impressive but he really excels when it comes to midfielders. Dribbling skills are valued at 85. and Цензура to pass and pace rated at 81 have earned him the status as one of the most stable Serie A midfielders of [url=https://www.mmoexp.com/Fc-24/Coins.html]cheap FIFA Coins[/url], and 800 coins for him is an offer too attractive to pass up. Juve's Rabiot is available for purchase at the same amount and, though his abilities are comparable to the one of Zielinski but he's slightly less experienced as the Polish player.
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Форум: КНИЖНАЯ ЯРМАРКА В ТЦ"ВДНХ" » Новости с торговых мест » It comes with a cost of 800 coins and a rating of 82
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