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: 24.02.2024 - 12:49:28
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: "" Youre still on the fence about diving into the game


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Dark and Darker is currently bare for acquirement on Steam. There has aggregate amidst acquisitive admirers who appetite to comedy via Valves PC administration platform.

Ironmace has gone on almanac to say that it wants to return to Beef as anon as possible. The advancing case -South that Darkers aboriginal abatement from Beef is still beneath examination, so it could be some time afore we apprehend any account of a return, if at all.

For those attractive to get their easily on the hardcore aerial fantasy acquaintance in its aboriginal admission be the website or via Chaf Games own belvedere at a abject bulk of 35 USD for aboriginal admission (and bold on launch). For abiding supporters of Ironmace and their currently acknowledged work, theres additionally a Founders Copy attainable for 50 USD, accou cosmetics.

If youre still on the diving into the game, analysis out some added advice on s abounding absolution date. Theres additionally the new Archimage chic which has arise with aboriginal access, so theres affluence to get ashore into.

Dark and Darker, the Ironmace roguelike RPG game, has assuredly act fabricated it to launch. Afterward a accusation from Nexon with an unann declared P3, from Beef and added storefronts. Now, it has been arise via Chaf Games, and accurate so instantly letters server crashes and is alms refunds to players who may accept a.

On Monday, August 7, Ironmace arise that it had act Chaf Amateur and that would be access. The developer additionally said that it would accompany a acknowledgment to Steam. However, anon afterward admission launch, are arise to accept crashed, with Ironmace arising a account apropos purchases that are stuck in limbo.

We would like to aboveboard apologize for the server issues a today at the barrage of our platform, Ironmace developer SDF says. All purchases that were ashore in limbo are actuality refunded through Xsolla. Due to an accidentally aerial aggregate of traffic, our servers encountered database issues which may .

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: "" Youre still on the fence about diving into the game
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